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Plan and Prepare for Tax Season

Your Personal Tax Accountant in Newmarket

Tax preparation can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re not numbers-oriented. That's why Roberts & Company Professional Corporation, with over 28 years of dedicated service and expertise, is here to assist you. As Newmarket's trusted and preferred personal tax accountants, we also extend our exceptional services to Newmarket, York Region, and the Greater Toronto Area. With us, you can navigate the complexities of tax season with confidence and ease.

Services Provided by Our Personal Tax Accountant Team

Our team provides the following taxation services for all your needs in the Greater Toronto Area and York Region:

  • Personal tax preparation (Canada & US) - In Canada, personal tax preparation involves gathering all relevant financial information, such as income, deductions, credits, and investments, to accurately complete and file an individual's T1 General Income Tax Return. We ensure compliance with Canadian tax laws, including reporting employment income, self-employment income, rental income, capital gains, and other sources of income. In the U.S., personal tax preparation involves completing and filing Form 1040 (or other applicable forms) with the IRS. This includes reporting various types of income, deductions, and credits. Our personal tax accountant will assist in reporting income from employment, self-employment, investments, rental properties, and other sources.

  • Income tax planning - Income tax planning strategically optimizes financial decisions, minimizing tax liability while maximizing resources for future endeavours and financial security. It involves evaluating various avenues and structuring assets to ensure compliance with tax regulations and capitalize on available deductions and credits.

  • Business owners/shareholders - Effective income tax planning is vital for business owners and shareholders to maximize profits and minimize tax liabilities. Choosing the right business structure, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, can substantially impact tax obligations. Striking the right balance between salary and dividends, utilizing retirement plans, and making strategic capital expenditures are all essential strategies. We help you stay informed about available tax credits, provide attractive employee benefits, and consider tax-efficient investments to optimize tax outcomes.

  • Sole proprietors - Sole proprietors face unique challenges in tax planning, requiring careful attention to detail. We help keep meticulous records of expenses and track income. Our team assists you in taking advantage of deductions like the home office deduction and exploring opportunities to offset self-employment taxes. Making regular estimated tax payments helps avoid penalties, and deducting health insurance premiums can provide additional tax relief. Implementing these measures, we help sole proprietors effectively navigate tax responsibilities while maximizing profits.

  • Trust and estate tax preparation - Trust and estate tax preparation ensure smooth transitions of assets, instilling confidence in executors to navigate complexities and precisely fulfill their fiduciary duties.

  • Executors: Expert guidance eases the burden, ensuring compliance and maximizing returns, empowering executors to honour their loved one's legacy with confidence and integrity.

  • Wills: Thorough estate tax planning safeguards the departed's wishes, ensuring assets are distributed efficiently and following their meticulously crafted will.

  • T3 income tax returns: With meticulous attention to detail, T3 income tax return preparation optimizes deductions and credits, ensuring the estate's financial health is preserved and beneficiaries receive their rightful share.

  • Clearance certificates: Navigating the intricate process of obtaining clearance certificates is streamlined, providing executors with the assurance to distribute assets following the law, and safeguarding against future liabilities.

Why Pay to Get My Taxes Prepared?

Reasons to get your taxes professionally prepared by a firm such as ours include:

  • We can help you better budget your money

  • We can help you obtain your maximum refund and deductions

  • We provide peace of mind if you’re not confident doing it yourself

  • We remain up-to-date on changing tax laws and legislation

  • We can provide professional guidance and advice throughout the year


Get Useful Tax Tips From Roberts & Company Professional Corporation

Need some tax tips to help you make sense of the numbers? View our resources section for useful information, including a tax preparation checklist, or contact us with any specific tax questions or concerns. Our courteous team will be more than happy to assist!

Why Should I Start a Trust and/or Plan for My Estate?

Set up a trust and/or plan your estate to protect the beneficiaries and transfer of your property.

  • Protect your assets until your beneficiaries reach a certain age

  • Plan your estate to ensure your spouse and children receive inheritances

  • Peace of mind reassurance that your disabled or special needs child has funds available to ensure proper care is provided once you have passed


Explore the benefits of choosing a trust as a part of your estate planning; determine the right trust for you and your family by contacting us today.

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